i cry

crying angel
I Cry

drowning in a sea of tears
i watch my whole life wash away
everything i once knew, once loved
now gone, inexplicably, unescapably gone, forever
where am i now?
what do i do?
i’ve never been so alone

i miss the sound of your voice
the feel of your skin
having you in my arms
all mine, forever
i miss knowing that you loved me
more than anything else
you needed me
and i was yours

i put up with so much
we went through so much
then you crossed the line
now you’re gone

i don’t know you anymore
we talk, but nothing gets said
you touch me, but you never reach me
we never connect
i can’t take it anymore
you don’t know who i am
and i don’t want you anymore
but god, i need you so much

and so i cry


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