when u made me cry



when u made me cry,
you couldn’t get off my mind.
those times u were sad,
and i was kind.

when you made me cry,
i thought all about u.
those memories we had,
the times we spent together,
and the time we spent apart.

you made me cry,
when u broke my heart,
then took my soul and ripped it apart.
u didn’t care,
about the tears that ran down my face.
u onlu cared about what u heard.
u wouldn’t listen to the truth,
nor, would u believe it.

I still care about u,
because i still love you.
even though,
u don’t love me back.
i still know and hold dear,
that u once did love me back.

i still treasure those days,
and those memories we had.
i just wish u were here,
to still share them with.

i still love and miss you.
but the only times
i can remember well
are the times………
when u made me cry.


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